Research Subjects

The Laboratory of Physiochemistry of Polymers and Interfaces (LPPI) brings together teachers and researchers of various profiles: polymerists, electrochemists, inorganic chemists, physicists of surfaces and interfaces.

Our main expertise concerns (interpenetrating) polymer networks and pi-conjugated (macro) molecules (or conductive electronic polymers), more specifically ranging from the synthesis and physicochemical characterization of materials to their integration in devices, investigated subsequently.

These skills and our multidisciplinary approach allow us to offer innovative solutions, even technological breakthroughs, for transversal and unifying issues requiring structural, functional or stimulable materials. Today this approach is mainly applied to energy storage and conversion issues, to “stimulable” materials and, in more recent times, to the conservation and restoration of material heritage.

The consideration of the issues related to the presence of interfaces and the understanding of the ageing mechanisms of the materials studied in their working condition, are transversal aspects of all our activities. In the same way, electrochemical characterizations and modeling are tools used almost systematically when a π-conjugated system is present in the material.